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Cold water enters the water heater's tank

The burner heats the water inside the tank and constantly turn on/off to maintain the stored hot water temperature, therefore,wasting energy

Hot water exits the tank

Once you use between 60-70% of the stored water, the temperature begins to drop and takes about an hour to recover.
  • Less expensive technology
  • No minimum flow requirement
  • Wastes energy and money (costing money to heat water even when you're not using hot water.
  • Takes up valuable space
  • Your supply of hot water is limited by the size of the tank
  • Potentially can cause thousands of dolalrs in water damage if the tank leads
  • Not environmentally friendly (60-65% efficient, landfills get piled up with old, bulky tanks
  • Parts are not easily repairable or replaceable
  • Rust and sediment form inside the tank, along witht he risk of legionella bacteria
  • Recommended maintenance requires you to empty the entire tannk
  • Uses a pilot light, which may ignite and cause an explosion
  • 8-10 years life expectancy
How a Conventional Water Heater Works
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