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Hot water is turned on in your home.

The tankless unit detects the hot water demand.

The unit's gas burner is ignited.

The unit's heat exchnager immediately heats the water to the set temperature.

When the hot water is turned off, the unit completely shuts off and uses zero gas.

  • Eliminates evergy and money waste-save about 50% more on your energy costs than a tank water heater
  • Takes up less space since it is wall hung
  • Never runs our of hot water
  • Minimizes water damage risk since there is no tank
  • Does not store and reheat water
  • Envirnmentally friendly (83-94% efficiency levels)
  • Majority of the components can be recycled
  • Parts can be easily replaced
  • lasts longer an dmore durable than tank type water heaters.
  • Initial high cost investment
  • Minimum flow requirement to activate unit (0.5GPM)
  • Since it is an on-demand system the unit takes a few seconds to activate the burner
  • Will not work during power outages (back-up power systems are available)
How a Tankless Water Works
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